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Nov 15

Kindle ad / apple ad coincidence??

These are far too similar! I know when an idea is used again and again it becomes slightly cliche but it can also become symbolic. In this case i think the new kindle ads remind me more of the original apple ads. 

I prefer the apple ads they were original so is it just me or do other people think its a coincidence?

Sep 24

Island QR code design

I can imagine flying past an island like this and getting my barcode scanner out. 

Maybe this will be the future of getting tourism into the country haha 

Sep 23


Sep 16

history - keep calm carry on -

I wanted to know the history of these keep calm carry on posters. Here is the link, check it out and see who started this commotion of keeping it calm and carrying it on. Great piece of graphic design and i know this because its being copied again and again. Maybe one day it’ll happen to me….one day.

Aug 17

London Midland: brief i answered at RBH -

Brief: To reduce the amount of trespassing on the rail network….reducing the amount of casualties.

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